Bride Planner

The bride is the star

During her many years of experience of working with celebrities, Avital Assayag has created and developed a new profession named the “Bride Planner” which is complementary to bridal makeup.

The Bride Planner is the dedicated V.I.P personal assistant of the bride.

The Bride Planner enables the bride to fully enjoy her day and to really be The Star of her own wedding.

The Bride Planner ensures that the timing of the bride's preparations and her family is respected by synchronizing with the master of ceremonies; and helps managing the pressure and the stress that the event generates.

Bride Planner vs Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner’s role is to take care of the entire organization of marriage (such as reception hall, caterer, wedding list, photographer, cameraman, transport, flowers, invitations,…).

The role of the Bride Planner is to organize all the details concerning the bride (such as hair styling, makeup, dress, accessories, to put on and take of the veil, touch ups during the photo shoot, any makeup changes,…)

The Bride Planner assists the bride and her family during the different stages of the day and takes charge of any contingencies such as an overly emotional mom, an undone hem,…