Weddings and Events

A day when "everything" must be perfect!

Every woman wants to be the prettiest on the day of her event. Like many other professions, there are huge differences in the skills and know-how of Makeup Artists! The makeup of such an important day / evening has very specific characteristics that differentiates it from a daily makeup. It must imperatively be done by a seasoned professional so that the final result are adapted to the multiple needs and to all circumstances. Indeed, each situation requires different techniques to achieve the desired result.

Very concisely:

When face to face, too much makeup (and mostly to much foundation) is ageing the appearance and provides an unnatural look.

The goal is a refined and long-wearing makeup granting a radiant face;

For photography, processes and makeup products differ depending on the lighting and the techniques used by the photographer;

For video, with the new technologies, the makeup needs to be adapted depending on the types of cameras and filming locations.

Therefore, whenever makeup is applied for an important event, we must strike a compromise in order for the person to appear radiant with her guests as well as through the different media.

A professional at your service

A Master Makeup Artist who is specialized and experienced in Special Event Makeup, uses the best quality products, which, combined with the artist’s dexterity, ensures longevity, quality and aesthetics of your makeup.

Avital is a Master Makeup Artist who is specialized in VIP services for weddings and other major events.

Avital has the ability to help her clients find their best image.

Her propensity is to bring out the essence of beauty of each individual while respecting their uniqueness.

A true perfectionist, Avital is a passionate and dedicated professional. She has a calm and patient personality and offers throughout her performance, a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Procedure on the day of the event:

After the hairstyling, Avital cleans the client’s face with products tailored to the skin type.

Application of a serum or a primer that prepares the skin for makeup and helps to get a perfect complexion.

Moisturizing cream + eye contour cream.

Cream on the neck, décolleté, upper back and arms.

Applying makeup on the face.

Makeup of the décolleté (if needed and / or if desired)


If the client wishes, Avital helps the client dress, put on shoes and jewelry.
Revision of all the details and fixing up of makeup and / or hairstyle if necessary. Avital provides the client with products to correct her makeup during the event although, except for the retouching of the lips, it is rarely necessary. Generally Avital stays with the client until the photo session or the beginning of the event and is on standby to assist with all small surprises (e.g. small hem to sew ...)